Find a Great Deal on New Tires in Hawaii

If you need tire service in Hawaii, we're here for you at Servco Toyota. Whether your car needs a new set of tires or just a round of routine tire maintenance to help your current set last as long as possible, you can count on our tire experts here at our service center serving Honolulu. We can help you find the perfect new tires to suit your vehicle, and we can provide your car with the maintenance it needs so that you can get the most out of your current set.

How often should I get a tire rotation

We recommend scheduling a tire rotation at least once every six months or so. Regular tire rotations help your tires wear more evenly, which helps them last longer overall. Even tire wear also helps to improve performance, so we highly encourage you to give us a call when your car is due for an appointment.

How often should I get new tires?

Generally, you should replace your tires every six years. Even if your tires appear to be in good shape, the rubber in tires older than six years starts to deteriorate, which can become a safety hazard. We also recommend inspecting your tires regularly for excessive wear or damage, as these are also signs that you need a new set to help ensure a safer driving experience around Waipahu.

How can I tell if I have enough tread?

An easy way for you to check your tire tread is with the penny test. Slip a penny headfirst between the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, your tires are too worn to be driven on safely. We highly encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can help you get a new set.

How can I get a new set of tires?

If you need new tires near Windward and Kauai, we can help. We offer great prices and specials on new tires, and we're eager to help you find the right set for your needs. Call today to learn more!