Servco Toyota Tire Service

When your Toyota needs new tires, an alignment resetting, or a tire rotation, Servco Toyota is here to help. Our tire centers are fully stocked with all the top brands on the market and staffed with fully trained Toyota service technicians. We have state-of-the-art equipment to install tires fast and efficiently, as well as provide any other services your Toyota needs. Visit Servco Toyota for new tires at one of our six service center locations in Honolulu, Waipahu, and Windward, and on Kauai.

Find a Great Deal on New Tires in Hawaii

If you need tire service in Hawaii, we're here for you at Servco Toyota. Whether your car needs a new set of tires or just a round of routine tire maintenance to help your current set last as long as possible, you can count on our tire experts here at our service centers serving Honolulu, Windward, and Waipahu areas, and Kauai. We can help you find the perfect new tires to suit your vehicle, and we can provide your car with the maintenance it needs so that you can get the most out of your current set.

Why Buy Tires from Our Dealership?

Servco Toyota is the best place to go for Toyota tires and technicians who know this brand best. We have all the top brands and a wide range of tire options, from all-seasons to off-roading tires. Many of these tires come backed by road hazard coverage protection, so if you run into unseen foreign debris on the road that causes damage, you can potentially get the tire repaired or replaced for no additional cost.

Our dealerships also come staffed with Toyota-certified technicians and stocked with state-of-the-art equipment you might not have in your garage at home. We can custom install tires for you quickly and efficiently, while resetting your alignment balance to correct any lasting effects of tire wear.

How To Know If I Don't Have Enough Tread


Where Can I Find a Toyota Tire Shop Near Me?

Servco Toyota has five locations on Oahu and one on Kauai where Toyota customers can go for quality tires at competitive prices. You can schedule a service appointment with one of these service centers online or call them up directly: Servco Toyota Windward, Servco Auto Waipahu, Motor Imports, Servco Toyota Honolulu, Servco Toyota Service Center, and Servco Auto Kauai.

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Are there Any Tire Special Coupons Available?

We may have some excellent savings in store at Servco Toyota. Check out our current service coupons to see how you can save. We have Kauai service specials, Windward service specials, Waipahu service specials, Honolulu service specials and often offer discounts to drivers who buy in bulk, with special "buy 3, get 1" deals to help you save on these crucial components. Our service coupons also might include deals on alignment balancing, tire rotations, and other related services. If you do not see the special coupon you need, check back next month or contact our service centers directly to ask about availability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Toyota Tire Center

How often should I get a tire rotation?

We recommend scheduling a tire rotation at least once every six months or so. Regular tire rotations help your tires wear more evenly, which helps them last longer overall. Even tire wear also helps to improve performance. When your car is due for an appointment, our tire service centers are here to help.

How can I tell if I have enough tread?

An easy way for you to check your tire tread is with the penny test. Slip a penny headfirst between the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, your tires are too worn to be driven on safely. Contact us so that we can help you get a new set.

What is a tire rotation and why do I need one?

Tire rotation is an essential service that should be completed once every 6,000 miles or so, to preserve the traction of your tires for as long as possible. In a typical tire rotation, our technicians remove the wheels from your tires and reassign them new positions in accordance with the drivetrain and their purpose. For example: with a front-wheel-drive car, the front directional wheels are used the most, so they would be removed and sent to the rear axles while the rear tires are brought to the front axle.

Without routine tire rotations, your tires will wear down at an uneven pace, which can throw off the alignment balance and lead to further engine strain. Tire rotations can help maintain optimal balance and even fuel economy.

What Types of Brands Are Available?

Here at our Toyota service centers in Hawaii, we carry all of the top brands on the market, each compatible with your Toyota and providing lasting traction. Find seasonal tires, all-terrain models, and more from top brands like:

  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • BF Goodrich
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Yokohama┬«

Order new tires and visit a Servco Toyota dealership in Hawaii today!

How often should I get new tires?

You should replace your tires every six years. Even if your tires appear to be in good shape, the rubber in tires older than six years starts to deteriorate, which can become a safety hazard. We also recommend inspecting your tires regularly for excessive wear or damage. These are signs that you need a new set of tires to help ensure a safer driving experience.

How can I get a new set of tires?

If you need new tires, we can help. We offer great prices and specials on new tires, and we're ready to help you find the right set for your needs. Call today to learn more!

When should tires be replaced outright?

Routinely rotated tires can usually be replaced around 25,000 miles. If you tend to drive often and over more rough terrain, we recommend monitoring your tire traction more diligently.

A good way to test tire traction is to put a coin in the largest groove of the tire when the car is parked. If the face on the coin is mostly, or completely, obstructed by the tires, your tires should be safe for the road. If only a small part of the coin is covered by the tires, you may have bald tires. This can lead to hydroplaning and other road safety hazards. We recommend scheduling a tire replacement appointment with us as soon as possible.