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Toyota Brake Service & Repairs

Keeping your brakes in good working condition is critical for preventing collisions as well as protecting you and your passengers. Our factory-trained Toyota Technicians specialize in all areas of brake service, including brake pad replacement, resurfacing rotors, brake fluid flushes, and more!

Time to replace your brakes? Visit any of our six Toyota Service locations in Honolulu and Kauai for your next brake service! Keep in mind our Servco Toyota service department performs a multipoint inspection which includes inspecting your brake system.

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Why Brakes Are Important

  • Ensures optimal braking performance
  • Contributes to proper vehicle control
  • Helps maintain vehicle safety
  • Maximizes stopping power and improves stopping distance

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Signs you need a brake replacement

Indicators a Brake Replacement May Be Needed

  • Increased stopping distance
  • Excessive brake noise
  • Abnormal brake pedal feel
  • Pulling or vibration during braking

Understanding Brake Components

From brake pads to calipers and rotors, we use Genuine Toyota OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) brake components to ensure your vehicle's safety and durability.

Brake FAQs

If your vehicle’s brake warning light comes on, you should have your vehicle inspected immediately. The warning light could illuminate for several reasons, including low brake fluid, worn brake pads, leaking brakes, or even a faulty sensor that may affect your antilock braking system.

Shaking may be caused by an out-of-round brake rotor or brake drum, which you might feel through the brake pedal. Another contributing factor could be a sticking brake caliper with worn out brake hardware, in which case you would feel vibrations through the steering wheel.

  • Your brakes are continuously squeaking, squealing, or grinding
  • Your brake or anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on
  • Your car jerks or pulls to one side when braking
  • Your brake pedal feels soft or goes to the floor when pressed

Generally, brake pads should be replaced when there is 3 millimeters (mm) or less of friction material left, or when the wear indicator is activated.

This symptom is usually a sign of worn-down friction material, which leaves the metal backing plate contacting the rotor. When this occurs, there may be wear or score marks on your brake rotors.

Grinding may also be caused by contamination of friction material or misaligned pads due to worn out hardware.

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are designed to help prevent wheels from locking up, enabling the driver to make a controlled stop. Please refer to your owner's manual for more information.

You can get your Toyota brakes serviced, repaired or replaced at any of our six Servco Toyota service locations on Oahu and Kauaʻi islands.

  • Keep in mind our Servco Toyota service department performs a multipoint inspection which includes inspecting your brake system.

Our specially trained brake specialists will inspect, repair, and if necessary, replace your brake system to ensure it's working efficiently and effectively. Our brake service and repair includes:

- Replacing your worn brake pads and/or brake shoes

- Resurfacing your brake rotors or drums

- Replacing your brake fluid as needed

The best way to determine if you have worn calipers is to give them a visual inspection. Get your Toyota brakes checked immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Your brakes are continuously squeaking, squealing or grinding
  • Your brake or antilock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on
  • Your car jerks or pulls to one side when braking
  • You need to pump your brakes for them to work properly
  • Your brake pedal feels unusually soft and spongy or hard
  • You notice brake fluid leaks around the wheels or engine compartment

If you notice any of these issues, contact us to schedule a brake service and repair.

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Brake Repair Service near Honolulu, HI

A vehicle’s braking system contains components that need to be inspected, repaired or even replaced regularly. Whether it's time for an inspection or you've experienced some of the warning signs listed, our Toyota service center is ready to help! As the local leaders for Toyota OEM brake replacements in Hawaii, we use genuine Toyota brake components designed specifically for your car and built to the same high standards as your original parts. 

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